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An extraction is the complete removal of a permanent tooth. The most common reason for surgical extractions is the removal of third molars, often called wisdom teeth. There is often not enough room for the third molars to erupt normally, so in many cases they must be extracted.

Other reasons for extractions are:
Advanced gum disease. This is the #1 reason adults loose their teeth!
An infected (abcessed) tooth that cannot be saved
A tooth with decay too deep to save the tooth
A tooth that has broken at the gum line and cannot be saved

Dr. Hekmat believes saving a patient’s own natural teeth is always the best option, and may be able to suggest ways of saving/keeping a tooth or teeth-- even ones that you may have been previously told have to come out.

Patients find that Dr. Hekmat gets them through the process with a minimum of pain and discomfort, promoting a rapid recovery.

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